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Alford, Clark Baker (I0088)
Owen, James (I7750)
Betts, Permelia (I7926)
Elizabeth Ball (wife of Thomas Buford Jr.) may be a connection to the founding Lee Family of Virginia. 
Ball, Elizabeth (I7948)
John Buford (orBeauford) is believed to have been the son of English emigrant Richard Beaufort and Margaret Dora Vause, daughter of John Vause (or Vaulx) who was an early emigrant of Middlesex Co.,
VA and who probably came to American from France in the mid 1600's.

A deed from the Land office in Richmond, VA on March 17, 1663 by Sir William Berkeley, Knight, Govenor of Virginia, granted JOHN BEAUFORD and FRANCES BROUGHTON 300 acres of land in Lancaster (now
Middlesex) County on the south side of the Rappahancock River, due by and for the transportation of six persons".
Buford, John (I7911)
James Green Hardy was born in Hart County KY Aug 1 1856 and departed this life April 12 1933 aged 76 years 6 months and eleven days. When a small child he moved with his parents to Green County KY where he grew to manhood. When 16 years old, he was converted and joined the Missionary Baptist church at New Salem KY.

He was married to Martha Susan Strader December 11, 1873, and to this union eleven children were born, four dying in infancy and a son Henry L. Hardy, having passed away November 12 1904 at the age of 24 years. Mr Hardy and wife came to Missouri in 1882 and lived in Laclede County one year, coming then to Newton County and settling on a farm near Stella where they lived until 1892. They moved to Elm Springs at that time and lived there until the time of his death.

Deacon Hardy, as he was so often called, was a devout Christian and was always at his post of duty in his church work untilillness prevented his going. His wife passed away June 11 1925, they having lived together over 51 years. They were school mates together all through their school life, and her going left him very lonely. He often expressed the desire to go on and be with her and their loved ones. He leaves to mourn their loss three daughters, Mrs. Vona Thompson and Mrs. Valeria Denny of Neosho and Mrs. Della Pool of Ventura CA; three sons, VH Hardy and AM Hardy of Neosho and WD HArdy of Breckenridge TX; one sister Mrs Mattie Lewis of Stella;

Neosho Times April 20 1933, Newton Co MO - Newton Co Historical Society 
Hardy, James Greene (I8734)
Richard shipped from Gravesend, England in the "Elizabeth", 1 August 1635.
The emigrant American ancestor of the Buford family is believed to have been [Richard] Buford/Beaufort.
From the book "Our Kin", by M. D. Ackerly and L. E. J. Parker, Richard Beauford (Beaufort or Buford) was the first of the name in Virginia. He was "examined by a minister of the Church of England as to loyalty to the King and took the prescribed oath of allegiance, etc., age eighteen" and emigrated on the ship "Elizabeth" on 1 Aug. 1635, from Gravesend, England (Hotten).
A story concerning his voyage has been passed down through the family over the years. It is said that the ship struck a snag during the voyage and sprung a leak, which threatened to sink it. All hands were forced to bail water when suddenly the leaking stopped. Upon arrival in Virginia, they discovered that a large fish had been sucked into the hole in the ship, effectively stopping the
leak. (Note: This really sounds like a Big Fish Tale).
Richard Beauford settled in Lancaster Co VA about 1656. It is unclear where he lived during the 21 years preceding this date, but on 15 Apr. 1656, "John Vause assigned Richard Beauford 300 acres of land, lying on the south side of the Rappahannock River". Since Richard married the daughter of John Vause (name unknown), this transaction is easily understood. 
Buford, Sr. Richard (I7960)
youngest of 11
parents died when he was oung
WWI veterany
no children 
Largen, Logan J (I8769)
9  Alford, Ida Luella (I0106)
10  Alford, Eugene Clair (I0108)
11  Rickertson, Katherine C. (I1737)
12  Patch, John Franklin (I7694)
13 1860

The 1860 Census for Johnson Co NE shows:

Family 700: John Hillman (age 46), New York, Tenant Farmer
Eliza (age 43), Pennsylvania
George (age 23), Pennsylvania
Thaddeus (age 18), Pennsylvania
John, Jr. (age 17), Pennsylvania
Pembroke (age 12), Pennsylvania
Martha Jane (age 10), Pennsylvania
Clarence (age 8), Pennsylvania
Samuel (age 5), Iowa
Sarah (age 8 months), Nebraska

In June of 1861, both John, Jr. and Thaddeus enlisted in the Nebraska Cavalry and served during the Civil War.

Sometime between 1860 and 1870 John Sr. moved his family to Hooker Township, Gage Co NE where he homesteaded his own place. There they were joined by their son Edwin Rathburn Hillman, his wife, Emily Cordelia (Rogers) Hillman, and their family. Edwin and Emily's daughter, Alice, was born in Iowa in 1866. Apparently Edwin and Emily lingered in Iowa longer than his parents' family.


By 1870 John Sr. and Eliza's sons George and Pembroke had disappeared. Their daughter, Martha Jane Hillman, had married George Zuver and the couple were living on a farm nearby. Their son, John Hillman Jr., had married Sarah Margaret (?) and they had a farm next to their parents. Their son, Thaddeus Hillman, had married Elizabeth Ellen Stafford and they also had a farm next door. Note that in the 1870 Census all the Hillman farms are listed in sequence.

The 1870 Census for Gage Co NE shows:

Family 230: John Hillman, Sr. (age 56), New York
Eliza (age 53), Pennsylvania
Clarence (age 18), Pennsylvania
Samuel, (age 14), Iowa
Sarah, (age 10), Nebraska

Family 231: John Hillman, Jr. (age 27), Pennsylvania
Margaret (age 23), Pennsylvania
Ger U. (age 2), Nebraska
Tho. J. (age 7 months), Nebraska

Family 232: Edwin Hillman (age 30), Pennsylvania
Emily C. (age 23), Pennsylvania
Alice (age 4), Iowa
John (age 3),Nebraska

Family 233: T. C. S. S. (Thaddeus) Hillman (age 29), Pennsylvania
Elizabeth (age 22), Indiana
Grant (age 2), Nebraska
Thadeus S. (age 4 months), Nebraska

Family 242: Geo. W. Zuver (age 23), Ohio
Martha Jane (age 20) Pennsylvania

Family 243: B. P. Zuver (age 29) Ohio

About 1878 Thaddeus Hillman and family moved to California. About six years later they moved to Enterprise, Wallowa Co OR. Elizabeth died in Oregon in 1890 shortly after their last child was born. In 1898 Thaddeus applied for a Civil War Veterans Pension. He updated the application in 1907 and again in 1915. Thaddeus died at Fort Dick, Del Norte Co CA in 1922.


By 1880 Clarence Hillman had married Mary Elizabeth Kritner. They had their own place next to John, Sr. Samuel had married Sophie Jane Cox. Samuel and family were living with John Sr.'s family. Edwin Hillman still had his own place. John, Jr. and his family had moved to Pottawatomie Co OK. John, Jr. and Sarah Margaret (?) Hillman are buried in Tecumseh Cem near Tecumseh, OK.

The 1880 Census for Gage Co NE shows:

Family 24: Clarence Hillman (age 28), Pennsylvania
Mary (age 19), Nebraska
Harriet (age 2), Nebraska
(Harriet "Hattie" Hillman died shortly after this census
was recorded. She is buried next to her parents in
Hooker Cem.)

Family 25: John Hillman, Sr. (age 66), New York
Eliza (age 62), Pennsylvania
Sarah (age 20), Nebraska
Samuel (age 24), Iowa
Jane (age 18), Illinois
Thaddeus (age 1 month), Nebraska

Family 34: Edwin Hillman (age 41), Pennsylvania
Emily (age 33), Illinois
Alice (age 14), Iowa
John (age 12), Nebraska
Estella (age 8), Nebraska
Mary (age 5), Nebraska
Infant (age 6 months), Nebraska (This is Laura)

In 1882 John Hillman Sr. and Eliza died. They are buried in Hooker Cem, which is located on land that was part of the original Hillman homestead. Eliza has a nice stone; I have not been able to locate a stone for John, Sr. (There is also a stone in Hooker Cem for Sherman Rogers, father of Emily Cordelia (Rogers) Hillman. He must have followed his daughter and son-in-law to Nebraska. He died in 1881.)

In 1883 Sarah Elizabeth Hillman married Gershum Young.


In 1893 Samuel Hillman moved his family to Roger Mills Co OK. Sarah and Gershum Young also moved to OK. They lived just a few miles from Samuel and his family. Sarah died in 1944. She and Gershum are buried in Red Hill Cem near Hammon, OK. Samuel died in 1939. There is a common marker for Samuel and Sophie Jane in Barker Cem (aka Nine-Mile Cem) near Strong City, OK. Sophie died in 1952 in Harrah, OK. Her body was not returned to Roger Mills Co she is buried in Hurrah.

The 1890 Census for most of the United States was destroyed in a fire.


In 1900 Clarence Hillman was still living in Gage Co NE with his four boys. (Clarence and his wife, Mary, had separated. It is believed that she had moved to Colorado to make her fortune in gold mining.)

Edwin and Emily Hillman and family were also still living in Gage Co NE. Their son, John, was married to Arena Leona "Ona" Fuller and had a farm next door. Their daughter, Alice, had married Casper "Cap" Sivits and moved to North Platte, NE; daughter, Estella "Stella", had married William E. "Willie" Grubb and moved to the town of Adams; and their daughter, Mary, had married Harry Snyder. By 1910 both the Grubbs and Snyders had farms in Hooker Township (see 1910 Census).

The 1900 Census for Gage Co NE shows:

Family 10: Clarence Hillman (age 48), Pennsylvania
Harry A. (age 19), Nebraska
Alva B. (age 15), Nebraska
Berdette S. (age 13), Nebraska
Leslie A. (age 9), Nebraska

Family 22: Edwin Hillman (age 60), Pennsylvania
Emily (age 53), Illinois
Laura (age 20), Nebraska
Robert (age 19), Nebraska
Guy (age 9), Nebraska

Family 23: John T. Hillman (age 32), Nebraska
Ona (age 24), Iowa
Reuben L. (age 5), Iowa
Leroy F. (age 2), Iowa
Alma R. (age 11 months), Iowa

In 1905 Clarence Hillman sold his farm to Herman and John Krause and bought farms in Kansas for three of his sons. His forth son, Harry Hillman, remained in Gage Co NE. Clarence died at Asherville, KS in 1936. Mary died at Topeka, KS in 1935. Someone has seen to it that both Clarence and Mary are buried in Hooker Cem. They have a common stone.


By 1910 the only Hillmans left on the original homestead were Edwin Hillman, his wife, Emily, and some of their children. Their son, Robert Hillman, had married Anna Diehm and moved to a farm in Johnson Co NE. It was located near her parents' farm. Their daughter, Laura Hillman, had married Robert Raymond "Ray" Birch. (I need to recheck the 1910 Census for the Birch family.)

The 1910 Census for Gage Co NE shows:

Family 36: William E. Grubb (age 40), Indiana
Stella A. (age 37), Nebraska - Estella Hillman
Earl D. (age 16), Nebraska
Pearl E. (age 13), Nebraska
Edwin D. (age 7), Nebraska
Nellie E. (age 2), Nebraska

Family 40: Harry L. Snyder (age 36), Nebraska
Mary E. (age 36), Nebraska - Mary Hillman
May (age 12), Nebraska - future May McCracken
Merle L. (age 10), Nebraska
Glen (age 8), Nebraska
Fern (age 5), Nebraska
Amy (age 3), Nebraska
Bryan (age 1), Nebraska
Morse (age ?), Nebraska
(Merle was killed in 1934. He was trying to hop a freight
train in the railroad yard at Rawlins, Wyoming.)

Family 58: John T. Hillman (age 42), Nebraska
Ona A. (age 34), Nebraska
Reuben L. (age 15), Nebraska
Leroy F. (age 10), Nebraska
Everett O. (age 8), Nebraska
(Their son, George Hillman, died at birth in 1903. He is
buried in Hooker Cem.)

Family 80: Edwin R. Hillman (age 70), Pennsylvania
Emily C. (age 63), Illinois
Guy A. (age 20), Nebraska


By 1920 Edwin Hillman and Cordelia had moved to Lincoln, NE. A little after 1920, Their son, Robert, and his wife, Anna, moved their family to Bayard, Morrill Co NE. Robert's sister, Laura and Raymond Birch had moved their family to Burwell, Loup Co NE. Robert's sister, Mary (Hillman) Snyder and her husband, Harry Snyder, had also moved to western Nebraska. Several of Roberts children recall visiting with aunt Mary and Uncle Harry. Mary and Harry Snyder's daughter, May, eventually married Bob McCracken. May and Bob had seven girls, their first names all started with the letter "E". May (Snyder) McCracken came to the funeral of my paternal grandmother, Cecile DeVault, in 1966.

A little after 1920, Edwin and Emily Hillman moved to Bayard from Lincoln. Edwin died in 1922. After his death, Emily lived with her children's families. She was living with her daughter, Alice Sivits, and family in North Platte, Lincoln Co NE at the time of her death in 1935. Both Edwin and Emily are believed to be buried in Bayard Cem, Bayard, Morrill Co NE. 
Hillman, John Sr (I1877)
14 Grant Ulysses Hillman came to California in search of the gold fields. He settled in the Orleans area and was one of the original crew that built the Orleans Bridge. With his savings, he bought land and established the Hillman Ranch. As one of the community leaders, he became a Deputy Sheriff for the County of Humbolt and maintained that position for a number of years while tending to his ranch. The Hillman Ranch was located on the east side of the Klamath River and contained orchards with various types of nuts, peaches, cherries, pears, apples, grapes and berries. Hillman, Grant Ulysses (I0756)
15 Rob's daughter, Marvel (Hillman) DeVault recalled the following bits of Family History:

Shortly after Marvel was born, Rob and Anna took her to his parents, Edwin and Emily, to show her off. (At the time Rob and Anna were living on a farm in Johnson County next to Anna's parents. Rob's parents were still living on the family farm in Gage Co a few miles away. This is before they owned a car and the trip was made in a buggy) Apparently Rob and Anna had not yet named this latest daughter, and Rob opined that if they showed up at his parents' place, with an unnamed daughter, his mother would pick out a name for her. Rob and Anna already had three girls, and none were named after his mother, so it was decided that they would name Marvel after his mom. Apparently Rob's memory was not what it was in later years. When they arrived at his parents' house, he held Marvel high in the air and announced to his mom that here was her new granddaughter, and she was named Marvel Kathryn Hillman in her honor. His mom snapped back, "Why you fool, my name is Emily Cordelia!" Apparently the damage was not correctable because they never changed Marvel's name nor tried to name another child after his mother.

A little after 1920 the family moved from eastern Nebraska to western Nebraska (Bayard). Her dad rented a freight car to move the family's belongings. He rode in the train car with his stuff. It was in the middle of winter and very cold. There was a stove in the corner of the car. At some point in the trip the train lurched and her dad was thrown against the stove and burned very badly.

Marvel tells another story associated with the move. Apparently the train only went as far as Alliance, NE. In any case her mom told the children that they were going to see Alliance. When they got there, Marvel was very unhappy because there weren't any "lions."

After moving to western Nebraska, the family lived in town (Bayard) then moved to the Dunder Farm. Later they moved to Woodbine Farm, then to the Nine Mile Farm a finally to the Hillman farm. All these farms were rented. Anna inherited some money when her father died and they used it to purchase the farm now know as the Hillman Farm. Land records show that this purchase was about 1946. They had lived on the Hillman Farm for quite some time befor that. In 1959 Rob and Anna retired from farming and moved to Caldwell, Idaho. Later they moved to New Plymouth, Idaho.

(The Dunder Farm was owned by Ted and Lydia Dunder. When Tracy was 13 years old he spent a summer on his grandparents' farm and shared many adventures with their son Jim. The farm is still owned by Jim's older brother, Ted. The Woodbine Farm, named for Woodbine Ivy that grows there, is owned by the Kizire family. The Dunder, Woodbine and Hillman farms are close to one another, about four miles east of Bayard.) 
Hillman, Robert Sherman (I1941)
16 Thaddeus Hillman entered the Union Army on November 1, 1862, at Nebraska City, NE. He was mustered into the Company F, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry. On the Regimental Descriptive Book he is described as Age: 21; Height: 5 feet, 8 inches; Complexion: fair; Hair: brown; Born: Bradford Co PA; Occupation: laborer. He was mustered out on December 10, 1863.

On June 30, 1898 he filed a pension application (No. 865,171). It lists the name of his wife, their marriage date and place, and her death date and place. It also lists the names and birth dates of his children.

On March 30, 1907, Thaddeus filed a Declaration for Pension. In it he states that he now holds Pension Certificate No. 1051,861. Here he lists his residences since being discharged as follows:

"in Neb for about 15 yrs, then to California some 6 yrs, then to Oregon
where I have lived some twenty yrs, then to Cal. for short time, then
to Ore. where I have since lived"

He also states that his present address is Medford, Jackson Co OR.

Apparently there was some question as to his birth year. In an affidavit filed on April 15, 1913, he says that the year of his birth must be 1842 and not 1841 as previously reported.

There is another affidavit filed by Thaddeus that goes into more detail regarding the mixup of his birth year. In this document he again swears that he must have been born in 1842 and not 1841. The affidavit is not dated.

In a questionnaire filled out for the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions on June 22, 1915, he answers many of the same questions answered in the initial application. Irronically, he lists his birthdate as "8th Mar. 1841."
Hillman, Thaddeus Cabiscus Sewarsaw (I2686)
17 Biography of Edmond Lambeth Hart
Added by sallygoff on 10 Jun 2008

Edmond Lambeth Hart, an old and highly esteemed citizen of Benton
County, Ark., was born in Davidson County, N. C., in 1817, and is a
son of Henry and Barbara (Lambeth) Hart. The father was of Scotch-
Irish descent, and was born near Newbern, N. C., about 1780, and was a
farmer by occupation. He was also a soldier in the War of 1812, and
was in the battles of Horse Shoe Bend, Natchez and New Orleans. In
1829 he located in Bedford County, Tenn., and in 1852 immigrated to
Christian County, Mo., where he died about seven years later. His wife
was born in North Carolina, and died in 1867. She was the mother of
ten children, our subject being the eldest in the family. When he was
twelve years of age he moved to Tennessee with his parents, and was
reared to manhood in that State. As he was the oldest in the family,
and his parents were poor, he was compelled to assist in providing for
the family, consequently his educational advantages were very limited,
three months being the extent of his school days. While in his native
State, at the early age of eight years, he worked in a gold mine, and
after moving to Tennessee he was employed as a farm laborer, receiving
for his services $8 per month. He worked thus for six years, the
proceeds of his labor being given to his parents. April 4, 1839, he
was married to Nancy Johnson Moore, a daughter of James and Mary
(Murray) Moore, who were North Carolinians. Mrs. Hart was born
December 20, 1820, in Bedford County, Tenn., and became the mother of
ten children: James H., Harriet E., wife of John Dereberry; Jane E.,
wife of John Lechliter; Councel L.; Mary F., wife of Benjamin Oakley:
George W.; Rebecca A., the deceased wife of James Bird; Louis R. K.;
Sarah, T., wife of George Duckworth, and Robert F. Mr. Hart came to
Benton County, Ark., in 1850, where he became one of the wealthy land
holders of the county. He now owns 228 acres, besides giving his
children eighty acres of land each. He was a Union man during the war,
is independent in politics, and is a Master Mason. He and wife have
been members of the Christian Church for many years.

Benton Co., AR - Biographies - Edmond Lambeth Hart

This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb
Archives by: The Goodspeed Publishing Co

Copyright. All rights reserved. 
Hart, Edmond Lambeth (I8877)
18 Sarah Jane was a survivor of the Johnstown Pennsylvania flood.
She crawled out the chimney with her seven children and floated miles downstream to
a burning bridge, saving all her Children. 
Young, Sarah Jane (I6219)
19 (b. 16 Feb 1896, d. May 1998) Parents: William Thomas Hart & Deanna Allison. Married Elias Blume 'Bud' Taylor on 20 Aug 1916 in Roger Mills Co., OK. Children: Jewel Alene, Evelyn Audra, Avery Leon, Buel, Wanda, William Dale, Dorthy Fern, and Buddy.
One of the best stories I've ever heard about my grandmother was the time she decided the chicken coop needed a fresh coat of pitch. After finishing the messy job, she realized she also needed to dispose of the straw lining the floor of the coop, and its inherent vermin. Being an engineering soul, she struck a match, and then WHOOF! Up went the coop in flames! Black oily smoke quickly covered the Oklahoma sky, attracting volunteer firemen from the entire area. I've often wondered how this shy and quiet woman talked her way out of that one!

White, Karen, Bits n Pieces, 
Hart, Minnie Estela (I8939)
20 1870 census Lisbon, Kendall, IL Source (S002151)
21 1870 Census, Hooker Twp Gage Co NE Source (S002155)
22 1880 Census, Hooker Twp Gage Co NE Source (S002176)
23 1900 Census, Lincoln Co OK Source (S002199)
24 1910 census MO Randalph Cty Source (S002219)
25 1910 census MO Randalph Cty Source (S002219)
26 1910 Census, Hooker Twp Gage Co NE Source (S002224)
27 1910 Soundex, OK Source (S002252)
28 1920 census Source (S002258)
29 1920 census Source (S002258)
30 1920 Census, Adams Twp Gage Co NE Source (S002266)
31 1920 Census, Adams Twp Gage Co NE Source (S002266)
32 1920 Census, Cheyenne Twp Roger Mills Co OK Source (S002279)
33 1920 Census, Kiowa Twp Roger Mills Co OK Source (S002289)
34 357-30-3974
Last Residence (Zip): 60447 Minooka, Grundy, IL
Day, Clinton R (I0500)
35 ABBR Buchanan,Ed, email dec 27 2001 1880 census Kendall IL Source (S002535)
36 ABBR Buchanan,Ed, email dec 27 2001 1880 census Kendall IL Source (S002535)
37 ABBR California Death Records Source (S002567)
38 ABBR California Death Records Source (S002567)
39 ABBR Cartwright, Wanda (Hillman) letter November, 1999 (Tracy DeVault) Source (S002572)
40 ABBR Cartwright, Wanda (Hillman) letter January 31, 2000 (Tracy DeVault) Source (S002584)
41 ABBR Cem Records, Tecumseh City Hall (508-598-2188) Source (S002596)
42 ABBR Cem Records, Tecumseh City Hall (508-598-2188) Source (S002596)
43 ABBR Civil War Pension Application made by Thaddeus Hillman, dated June 30,1898. Source (S002604)
44 ABBR Day photos Source (S002641)
45 ABBR Day photos Source (S002641)
46 ABBR Day, Vera Rohde obit Source (S002644)
47 ABBR Day, Vera Rohde obit Source (S002644)
48 ABBR Descendents of Gersham L. Young, prepared by Carolyn Dean Source (S002655)
49 ABBR Descendents of Robert Stringfellow and Margaret Baker, prepared by BillMcCarty Source (S002666)
50 ABBR Descendents of Sarah Elizabeth Hillman, prepared by Denise (Russell)Hunting Source (S002694)

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